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Top-down efforts to convince us that the highest form of feminism is the girl boss have failed. No one believes today that we will be saved by the female CEO or presidential candidate. Instead, feminists are in pursuit of a NEW WORLD, at the forefront of struggles for police abolition, healthcare, and control over our work, looking toward a horizon beyond which everyone has access to food and shelter, to beauty and pleasure. We don’t want the paltry options we’ve been offered. We want it all. »

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Lux is the magazine I’ve been waiting for –– incisive, irreverent, class conscious, stylish, and strategic. For too long, feminism has been co-opted, scorned, or treated as a political afterthought. Offering an unabashedly feminist-socialist lens on a dazzling array of topics, Lux is a publication worthy of its readers and a portal to a better, more intelligent, interesting, and pleasurable world.

Astra Taylor

We need a magazine that is feminist, leftist, and as clear, sharp and sparkling as good gin. I cannot wait for Lux.

Molly Crabapple

These are grim days around the world, but the shards of light come from the emergent social movements. How those movements develop, whether they have success will depend on their strategy and tactics, but even more importantly, their politics. Lux comes into existence at a crucial time and aims to play a critical role in the development of a burgeoning left. We need Lux now more than ever.

— Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

Lux is the new public face of socialist feminism–– sharp in critique and visionary in reimagining family, work, and pleasure for a world to come.

— Nancy Fraser

Contentious online political conversations have needlessly set feminism and socialism against one another. It’s time to have more thorough and honest explorations about our experiences from an intersectional perspective that fully recognizes how class, race, gender, sexuality, geography, and beyond shape our lives and our communities. Lux is the place to do that.

— Samhita Mukhopadhyay

Issue 1

Featured Articles

woven image of two women

Rape and Reparations in Mexico

“Putting the soldiers who raped me in prison is not justice”

After they were assaulted by Mexican soldiers, two Indigenous women argued for community repair over punishment of individuals, in a case that illuminates U.S. struggles to defund the police.

Art by Sofia Clausse

PLUS why we made Lux, how surviving sexual assault made one woman a socialist, consciousness raising with corporations,
Soviet perfume, socialist sex ed, AND

From Margin to Center

A profile of Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor

A portrait of the scholar and activist who has risen to prominence with a socialist politics that eschews the split between class and identity.

ALSO an abortion manifesto, abolition via Twitter, gender-neutral Arabic, a New York City teacher’s Covid diary, Alexandra Kollontai’s vision of free love, looters unite, THEN

The Road to TERFdom

How an internet message board turned British mums into anti-trans extremists

British Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists were radicalized on…Mumsnet.