What’s In Our Name

“Lux” is short for Rosa Luxemburg, one of the most creative thinkers and organizers to shape the Marxist tradition. it’s a wink at traditional women’s magazines. and it’s a nod to the fact that in our vision of socialism, there is abundance for all.

Advisory Board

  • Nancy Fraser
  • Samhita Mukhopadhyay
  • Astra Taylor
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor


  • Sarah Leonard


  • Natalie Adler
  • Cora Currier
  • Yasmin El-Rifae
  • Cheryl Rivera

Contributing Editors

  • Atossa Araxia Abrahamian
  • Rozina Ali
  • Molly Crabapple
  • Tammy Kim
  • Kate Redburn
  • Ariella Thornhill


  • Sharanya Durvasula
  • Chloe Scheffe

Business Adviser

  • Flynn Murray

The Lux logo was created by Margot Lévêque. Our website was designed by Ritu Ghiya and Neta Bomani.

Lux is a feminist magazine of politics and culture founded in 2021. We publish a glossy print edition three times a year featuring our award-winning writers, and a regular newsletter.

We are interested in the many points at which identity intersects with politics. Our coverage runs from in-depth political reporting — on underground abortion networks, for example, or on abolitionists’ 911 alternatives — to reviews of the latest batch of bisexual novels and reports on feminist politics from Afghanistan to Mexico.

We publish established and emerging writers and artists, delivering their work to readers in over a dozen countries.

Lux welcomes pitches. Send a short email outlining your idea and why you’re the one to write it to pitches@lux-magazine.com.

For general inquiries or to tell us your thoughts, write to letters@lux-magazine.com.

For assistance with your subscription or merchandise orders, please write to luxsubscriptions@fulcoinc.com.

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