Top-down efforts to convince us that the highest form of feminism is the girl boss have failed. No one believes today that we will be saved by the female CEO or presidential candidate. Instead, feminists are in pursuit of a NEW WORLD, at the forefront of struggles for police abolition, healthcare, and control over our work, looking toward a horizon beyond which everyone has access to food and shelter, to beauty and pleasure. We don’t want the paltry options we’ve been offered. We want it all.

Lux is short for ROSA LUXEMBURG, one of the most creative minds to remake the SOCIALIST TRADITION. It’s playful, turning the traditional women’s consumer magazine upside down. And it’s a nod to the fact that, contra stereotypes about socialism, we believe in abundance FOR ALL.

Lux welcomes pitches from new and established writers. Send a short email outlining your idea and why you?re the one to write it to pitches@lux-magazine.com.

For assistance with your subscription, please write to luxsubscriptions@fulcoinc.com.


Advisory Board

  • Nancy Fraser
  • Samhita Mukhopadhyay
  • Astra Taylor
  • Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor


  • Natalie Adler
  • Cora Currier
  • Marian Jones
  • Sarah Leonard
  • Cheryl Rivera

Contributing Editors

  • Atossa Araxia Abrahamian
  • Tammy Kim
  • Jessie Kindig
  • Kate Redburn
  • Ariella Thornhill
  • Jennifer Wilson


  • Sharanya Durvasula
  • Chloe Scheffe


  • Sarah Leonard

Publishing Consultant

  • Flynn Murray

Finance Committee

  • Cora Currier
  • Ariella Thornhill

Copy Editors

  • Haesun Kim
  • Nara Shin
  • John Thomason

Special thanks to Elana Schlenker and Tonya Douraghy who created Lux’s Quarantzine and commissioned our logo, to Margot Lévêque who created the logo, and to Aelfie Oudghiri for her early vision. Thanks also to Lawyers for Reporters for their support.