Love At The End Of The World

Why bell hooks’ earnest, sentimental "All About Love" still fills our irony-addled feeds

By Hanna Phifer

Photographs by Sharanya Durvasula

People stand around a table as a large red sheet cake with bell hookes' book cover 'All About Love' is cut

Sometime over the last few years, everyone you know has decided to read All About Love.

And when I say “everyone,” that includes but is not limited to: that one Instagram model you follow who only posts lifestyle content and her ass. That friend of yours who has declared that she’s in her “villain era” because she learned how to have boundaries. The person across from you on the train who has the book’s bleeding red cover peeking from inside of their New Yorker tote bag in a very totally absolutely casual way. Even the guy you met off Tinder says he’s reading it.

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