All Out for Palestine

Black and Palestinian intellectuals united for a night of international solidarity

by Yasmin El-Rifae

Photos by Guarionex Rodriguez, Jr.

Woman wearing a keffiyeh gives impassioned speech
Noura Erakat, lawyer and scholar

The Union Theological Seminary and the legendary Riverside Church overflowed on November 1 as New Yorkers arrived to see “But We Must Speak: On Palestine and the Mandates of Conscience.” The conversation among left luminaries including Rashid Khalidi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Noura Erakat about the unfolding genocide in Gaza may have marked a moment when Palestinian liberation — long a suppressed cause in America — entered the mainstream conversation and rallied thousands to listen online and in person to the history, poetry, and testimony of the movement. The event was chaired by Lux editor Yasmin El-Rifae as a longtime organizer of the Palestine Festival of Literature. What follows are excerpts and photographs from the evening’s talks.

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