Necessary Materials

What's in Crackhead Barney's Bag?

Photos by Elizabeth Renstrom

A portrait of a woman wearing a ripped Donald Trump Mask and holding green rope in her mouth

You can find her defending drag shows from fascists or confronting Eric Adams’s NYPD: New York’s most recognizable protester is the performance artist known as Crackhead Barney. When she isn’t screaming on the floor, she’s taunting anti-abortion clinic invaders in titty-baring Pope regalia. She posts her antics on social media (under the handle crackheadbarneyandfriends) and commemorates them on t-shirts she sells online. Become ungovernable; enter Barney’s world. —Cheryl Rivera

Mask: The Trump mask is to scare the general public. I say that it is my true face. It has red paint because of Friday the Thirteenth, and I never wash it, cuz the essence of everything needs to stay.

A picture of a lime shaggy carpet with various object scattered on it

Props: The infamous Trump mask, infant doll, plastic gloves, and anal probe latex digit gloves. The anal finger probe is to peg men that don’t listen and try to tell me what to do. That’s destroying patriarchy, one digit at a time. I mean, I’m trying to be the FEMALE ANDREW TATE.

Baby Bottle: Why drink out of a reusable bottle when you can find a baby bottle in a Hasidic neighborhood in Brooklyn and start drinking out of it? Plus, it’s phallic in nature, and I have a taste for phallic things and oral gratification.

Rope: The rope I need to hang myself or bind myself when the urge overwhelms me.
$1: A dollar for something, I don’t know, still wrestling with should I keep the dollar to myself or give it to a bum?

Snacks: Chickpeas because while rolling on the subway floor I get bored and hungry, so I need rope and a pen and some food. Chickpeas are a great source of carbohydrates, vitamin A, C, D or E and fiber.

Tape: I definitely need my masking tape. Where else would I get a homemade bra, or an on-the-go bikini. I started wearing masking tape on my vagina. I need my sunglasses, those star sunglasses, with the jewels bedazzling the world—the signature look of
attention whoring.