Feminist Journalism in Gaza

A woman sits at a table
Me, before the war, in my work with the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (All captions provided by Amal Touman)
An interview with Palestinian Reporter Amal Touman

By E. Tammy Kim

A familiar statistic: The Israeli military has killed some 34,000 Palestinians in Gaza in just six months. Another statistic, familiar to us in the magazine business: Around 100 of those killed were journalists.

The life of a media worker has no special value, except that we live to transmit information. During this particular war, which feels more like an annihilation, the Israeli government has banned reporters from entering Gaza while targeting those who were already there.

From where I live and work as a writer, in New York City, the resulting asymmetry of information compounds a longstanding material bias. The United States is Israel’s constant friend, its supplier of arms and blank-check legitimacy before the United Nations. Our newspapers and television networks quote Israeli sources with unqualified credence, while twisting syntax to question the humanity and intellect of Palestinians.

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