Loom of Lies

An illustration objects connected by strings including a bank, a leaking toxic waste container, a clock, assorted fruit, and a cornucopia
TikTok has a conspiracy theory about Fruit of the Loom. We investigated.

By Michelle Santiago Cortés

Illustration by Benjamin Lemoine

Nicole never claims to know everything. In fact, on her TikTok, @dimelifting, she often portrays herself as knowing absolutely nothing — like what the internet is or how mirrors work. While the internet is never short on know-it-alls eager to dunk on strangers, Nicole’s TikTok has accumulated over 28.4 million likes and, to judge by the comments under her videos, a viewership eager to learn along with her. Her deadpan delivery and unanimated demeanor offer viewers the illusion of a neutral but curious observer. Like she’s relating a headline from a tabloid at the grocery store checkout line. It might be crazy and it might be untrue. She’s just letting us know what she’s read.

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