The Road to Terfdom

Two women sitting on a couch in a messy living room with children bustling around them
Carrie Longton and Justine Roberts co-founded parenting site Mumsnet, which includes a message board that's come under fire for transphobia (Photo by Jenny Western/Corbis via Getty Images)
Mumsnet and the Fostering of Anti-Trans Radicalization

By Katie J. M. Baker

Nothing caused me greater culture shock when I moved from New York to London than the British media’s hysterical obsession with trans women.

I’d turn on the Today Programme, the BBC’s flagship morning news show, as I made my coffee and hear debates over whether trans women were actually just men who thought they were women. On the weekends, I’d read headlines in both the liberal Guardian and the conservative Daily Mail questioning whether trans women have the right to identify as women. Then there were the protests: women diving into men’s bathing pools wearing fake beards and “mankinis,” yelling “dykes not dicks” at Pride parades, wielding graphic post-surgery posters at LGBT youth conferences. I was confused to find that the protesters were often middle-aged, middle-class women, some of whom wore mysterious badges proclaiming they had been “Radicalised by Mumsnet.”

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