Necessary Materials

Rachel Rabbit White Shares What Gets Her Through the Day (and Night)

Photos by Logan Jackson

A young woman sits on a bed with a red heart-shaped purse

Rachel Rabbit White, author of the poetry collection Porn Carnival, former sex worker, and self-proclaimed “pious wife,” opens her heart-shaped bag for Lux and takes us through what’s inside. As she says, “it’s just the necessary materials.” 

Angel stone: Seen here is moonstone in the shape of an angel. Moonstone is said to help with intuition, inspiration and, apparently, digestion. Carry for a good night out. 

Narcan: As the saying goes: hot girls carry Narcan. The overdose antidote is available for free through various programs throughout New York City. My friend Ripley Soprano of Dirty Magazine makes it available to take at all their events, along with fentanyl test strips which are necessary for parties.

Tarot: Whether you’re picnicking in McCarren Park or attending a sex-workers-only lingerie party at the Plaza, you never know when you might find a friend in the midst of a personal crisis. This makes tarot cards not only necessary but urgent.

Cigs and Juuls: If I don’t have at least two Juul devices on me at any time, I don’t feel safe. Sometimes, though, you want to take a smoke break on the fire escape, which calls for Capri 120 menthols.

Glasses: I usually only wear my glasses for reading street signs, books, or watching movies. I mean, I technically need glasses all of the time but I sort of prefer things to look a bit fuzzy, like there’s a soft filter on everything. Maybe Marilyn Monroe’s character in How to Marry a Millionaire emboldened me to stumble around with less-than-perfect vision. Honestly I think it got me through a lot of sad dinner dates.

Beauty: A sample of perfume (seen here is my own scent, “Paradise Edition,” made by Marissa Zapas), a tube of lip color, and NARS concealer is all that’s needed to get through a night that lasts til morning.